Frequently asked questions

Q: How frequently does the bot check for sales?
A: Currently the bot checks every 24 hours at 02:00 AM (UTC)

Q: Do you support any other platform then Steam?
A: Currently not, if demand is there I might add other platforms in the future

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of items on the wishlist?
A: Yes, currently the limit is 50 items

Q: Why does the bot want to view my server's audit log?
A: After being invited to a server the bot will send a welcome message with a cheatsheet to get started using the bot. The bot will send this message to the person who invited the bot. The bot will function just fine without the Audit log permission though.

Q: What currency does the bot use?
A: On finding a sale the bot only shows the discount percentage, and a link to the game, Discord may automatically add an embed and show a price there, but that price is most likely in dollars.